Welcome to Creative Therapy Connections

Creative Therapy Connections is a multi-disciplinary team providing autism services, academic supports, special education consultation, parent education, teacher training, occupational therapy, assessment, evaluation, and speech-language therapy. Our mission is to work together to best meet the needs of each client. With the expertise of our varied frames of reference we are able to use our experience to help the whole individual. Our community includes children, adults, and families looking for an opportunity to develop lasting therapeutic relationships with a team that will continually evaluate and address the changing needs of each individual within his or her environment.

At Creative Therapy Connections we use innovative and research-based treatment techniques that will guide clients to thrive and grow as a part of their community. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to continuing education and using best-practice strategies. Our therapists and educators have years of combined experience working as multidisciplinary team members in a variety of settings and locations. We are involved in our Northwest community and committed to creating an environment where our clients can flourish.

Our Story

We have each enjoyed many years of teaching and clinical experience in different settings. In 2006 we began working together in the public education system.  We have been lucky to work with a number of students in the schools and we share the same vision and perspective on a team approach to education and development.  Through our combined interests and success with students, the idea to form a business began to grow in 2009.  While we all enjoy working as part of the educational system, we agree that the constraints of a large system limit our potential to give each child the individual attention that we would like. CTC allows us the freedom to see clients individually, in group settings, or to work as a team and co-treat within the setting that is most appropriate for each individual.